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Title Language Date
Guia rápido das fichas técnicas da AxisAprovações, certificações e protocolos Portuguese, Brazil April 2019
Guida rapida alle schede tecniche AxisApprovazioni, certificazioni e protocolli Italian June 2019
Guide explicatif des fiches techniques AxisAgréments, certifications et protocoles French June 2019
i-CS lenses – intelligent lenses improving camera performance English June 2016
IA dans l'analyse vidéo - Étude sur les analyses basées sur le machine learning(apprentissage automatique) et le deep... French May 2021
IA na análise de vídeo - Considerações para análises baseadas em aprendizadode máquina e aprendizado profundo Portuguese, Brazil May 2021
Identity and access management in video surveillance systems English March 2021
Image stabilization –improving camera usability English June 2014
Impiego dei radar nella sorveglianza Italian December 2021
Infrarot-Reflexionen in Dome-Kameras German June 2021
Intelligenza artificiale nelleanalitiche video - Considerazioni sulle analitiche basate su machinelearning e deep lea... Italian May 2021
Introduction to audio: acoustics, speakers and audio terminology English October 2017
IP video door stations English April 2015
IP 视频的比特率控制 Chinese, Simplified November 2021
IP 보안 시스템의가치 극대화보다 나은 비즈니스 의사 결정을 위한총소유비용(TCO) 및 투자수익률(ROI) 활용 Korean June 2018
IP 비디오용 비트 레이트 제어 Korean October 2021
IPセキュリティシステムの価値の最大化総所有コスト (TCO) と投資利益率 (ROI) の見直しによる、より適切な意思決定の実現 Japanese June 2018
IPビデオのビットレート制御 Japanese October 2021
IR aplicados a la vigilancia: Cámaras día / noche, e IR Optimizado Spanish July 2018
IR in surveillance English June 2018
IR reflections in dome cameras English May 2021
IR 紅外線監控 Chinese, Simplified August 2018
Kamery panoramiczne Polish October 2021
Kamery termowizyjne Polish November 2021
Kennzeichenerfassung German July 2021