AXIS Perimeter Defender

High-security, scalable perimeter protection

  • Edge-based intrusion detection system

  • Multiple detection scenarios

  • Bounding box metadata overlay in live and recorded video

  • PTZ autotracking with separate license

  • Easy and efficient management

AXIS Perimeter Defender is approved for UK government use. For details, contact CPNI.

Your first layer of defense

AXIS Perimeter Defender gives you an edge where security starts—at the perimeter of your facilities. The video analytics application, together with Axis network cameras, provides a highly effective system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on your property. It reinforces physical access controls, and is suitable for high-security sites such as chemical plants, power plants and prisons.

High reliability

AXIS Perimeter Defender is designed to detect moving people and vehicles (up to 12 m or 39 ft. in length). Because it can classify people and vehicles, you can select if you want to detect only people or vehicles, or both. AXIS Perimeter Defender minimizes false alarms in a number of ways. The application automatically learns—after at least a day’s installation—the difference between “day” and “night” and uses this information to fine-tune the algorithm for optimal performance. It automatically handles variable illumination and disregards motion that's not from humans or vehicles—such as swaying vegetation and fast-moving shadows on the ground. It can also mitigate false alarms from headlights. The application supports multiple detection scenarios simultaneously so you can tailor the setup to your needs. AXIS Perimeter Defender, in combination with thermal network cameras, enables a system that is highly reliable.

Detection scenarios

AXIS Perimeter Defender can detect and trigger an alarm using four different types of scenarios:

  • Intrusion: When a person or vehicle enters a predefined zone.
  • Zone crossing: When a person or vehicle passes through two predefined zones in a predetermined order and direction.
  • Loitering: When a person or vehicle remains in a predefined zone for longer than a predefined time.
  • Conditional zone crossing: When a person or vehicle enters a predefined zone without first entering from or passing through one or more predefined zones.

Metadata overlay

During configuration, AXIS Perimeter Defender automatically applies a metadata overlay in the form of bounding boxes and trajectories that show the detection and tracking of moving people and vehicles. You can then choose to apply a burnt-in metadata overlay in live and recorded video. This feature applies red boxes and trajectories for people, and blue boxes and trajectories for moving vehicles. This allows you to get visual confirmation of the objects being detected. This is particularly helpful when viewing thermal video.


AXIS Perimeter Defender is a scalable, edge-based analytics application that can be embedded in as many network cameras as required. The application analyzes the video for alarm events directly on the network camera. Since the video is not sent to a central server for analysis, there is no need for additional and costly processing hardware. It makes the system flexible and scalable, and also minimizes the use of network bandwidth and storage space.

Event management

AXIS Perimeter Defender integrates with an Axis camera’s event management functions. This means you can decide how you want the system to automatically respond to intruders. Having the camera send live video and email alerts to security staff allows a guard to focus on potential problems and take preventive action. Setting the camera to send and record video only on alarm also makes reviewing and searching for incidents easier. You can also program the camera to activate a loudspeaker to scare off intruders.

Easy and efficient management

AXIS Perimeter Defender’s installation program lets you remotely connect and configure multiple cameras simultaneously using a single interface and from one location. The same interface is also used to pair up a fixed camera with a PTZ camera for close-up views of detected objects.

The program supports automatic calibration of the analytics on the cameras to simplify setup. It also lets you configure each camera’s detection scenario and response to alarm events. You can then integrate the events with any video management software that supports event handling and video streaming from Axis cameras. Support and upgrades are included in the AXIS Perimeter Defender software license.

How to buy

AXIS Perimeter Defender software includes the analytics application, as well as a separate and optional application for PTZ autotracking. Each fixed camera requires one AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics application license – single or 10-pack license codes are available. A separate license for the PTZ autotracking application is required for a PTZ camera – single license codes are available. The licenses can be activated through the license key registration page.

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The latest version of this software is 2.7.4
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AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking

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  • Design Tool for AXIS Perimeter Defender
  • Milestone Plugin
  • Genetec Plugins

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