Thermal cameras

AXIS Q1961-TE 76834
Temperature monitoring and heat-based detection - regardless of visibility

Axis offers thermal cameras for surveillance purposes as well as temperature monitoring. Ideal wherever you need accurate heat-based detection, these cameras can see in complete darkness, challenging light conditions, light fog, and smoke.

Detect and verify in challenging environments

Thermal cameras capture images based solely on the heat radiating from organic and inorganic objects. And because thermal imaging technology doesn't depend on what’s visible to the human eye, these cameras aren’t sensitive to challenging light conditions such as total darkness, shadows, and glaring light. This also means that it’s possible to see through smoke and light fog. Additionally, they don’t create images that allow individuals to be identified, so they can be used for surveillance without compromising personal integrity.


Monitor temperatures

Axis thermal cameras also include models that let you remotely monitor temperatures. Without being on site it’s possible to know if your equipment is getting close to overheating. You’ll receive a notification if the temperature passes a set threshold, or if it fluctuates too rapidly. This allows you time to act to avoid unwanted downtime. Plus, it enables predictive maintenance planning. Our temperature monitoring cameras also include early fire detection so it’s possible to set triggers and get warnings about early signs of fire or potential overheating.


Powerful analytics platform

Built on a powerful analytics platform, our thermal cameras make it easy to add tailor-made third-party analytics as well as audio analytics to trigger events for instance when detecting aggressive behavior or gunshots. Heat-based images can be used together with analytics for enhanced detection helping reduce false alarms and ensuring you don’t waste time and effort on unnecessary responses. In addition, thermal palettes help identify different heat sources emitting the same amount of thermal energy, making it easier and more efficient to interpret a scene.

Oil refinery plant at night

Robust and secure

With IP66, NEMA 4X and IK10 ratings, Axis thermal cameras are highly resistant to rust and corrosion making them ideal for installation in harsh environments. They offer great reliability and include built-in cybersecurity features to help prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system. For instance, signed firmware and secure boot guarantee that the firmware hasn’t been compromised and ensure only authorized firmware is installed. And if needed, secure boot guarantees that the camera is completely free of malware after a factory default.


Thermal cameras are subject to stricter export control regulations than visual cameras. Axis offers thermal cameras in both 30 fps and 8.3 fps versions to comply with export control legislation in most parts of the world. There is no other difference between a 30 fps and an 8.3 fps camera than the frame rate.


Under specific conditions, some Axis thermal cameras are capable of precise temperature measurements, but they’re not designed by Axis for the specific intention of human fever detection or the diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of disease or health conditions.

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