Solutions by application

There’s an intelligent and open solution from Axis or our partners for just about every application. Including yours.  
Fence warehouse with loading docks

Perimeter and area security

Axis has your perimeter and area security covered – no matter how complex or simple your requirements. Our solutions protect and deter from the

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Axis camera and speaker together with a tree, a house and a sky

Audio for security

Add network audio to your video surveillance system to proactively deter unwanted activity and improve security with live or pre-recorded remote callouts.
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sound wave illustartion

Background music for audio solutions

Play the right music at the right time, place, and volume with an Axis network audio system, and create the perfect ambiance.
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body worn solutions

Body worn solutions

Axis Body worn solutions capture valuable evidence, deter bad behavior, and positively influence the actions of camera wearers and the public alike.
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Concert in a park, picture taken from above

Deployable surveillance

Our deployable surveillance solutions deliver top surveillance capabilities for temporary or remote sites without dedicated network infrastructure.
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woman sitting in front of a computer screen

Forensic search

Axis forensic search offerings are designed to accelerate forensic investigations. Available in Axis and third-party video management systems

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cars driving on a road

License plate recognition

License plate recognition is a powerful tool for access control, traffic monitoring, tolling, and measuring journey time.
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Blurry picture of bus passing by on  a street

Mobile surveillance

Make smart mobility a reality with surveillance solutions that deliver safety, security, and actionable data to improve transport services.
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Animated picture of people walking

People counting 

Our video-based people counting solutions are a reliable, cost-efficient way to count people and understand the flow of movement within your premises.
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crowded area of people

Privacy in surveillance

When you need to address privacy laws or regulations with your surveillance or remote monitoring application, we offer a variety of solutions.
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people walking, blurry diamond

Public address system

Axis network audio systems are flexible public address systems for safety and general voice messaging. They can broadcast live or pre-recorded messages to single or multiple zones.
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silhouette of a woman with headphone in front of a sunset

Sound detection

Audio analytics detect developing incidents, aggressive behavior, and noise pollution, giving you the chance to respond immediately.
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Closeup of a parking boom

Vehicle access control

Vehicle access solutions from Axis meet your access control needs – from simple vehicle entry and exit to advanced access control.
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