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VAPIX® Library

The complete reference library to the open API to our products.
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AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)

Develop apps for Axis devices.
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Important notice for ACAP application developers

May 12, 2023 - Updated November 2, 2023

In upcoming AXIS OS releases, we will introduce additional security measures in AXIS OS and ACAP applications. From AXIS OS 11.8, root-privileged access will be disabled by default. From AXIS OS 12.0, the ability for root-privileged access will be entirely removed for ACAP applications.

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Multicast controller for Axis network speakers

November 28, 2023

From AXIS OS 11.6 a multicast controller feature will be added in Axis network speakers that will allow users to specify a set of multicast sources to listen to an prioritize between them.

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New release ACAP version 4.11

November 23, 2023

In response to your invaluable feedback regarding API discrepancies between ACAP version 3 and ACAP Native SDK, we've reintroduced some of the most critical APIs. These APIs should facilitate the development of new applications using ACAP Native SDK, or enable the migration of existing applications built using previous versions of ACAP.

Download AXIS OS beta releases

October 27, 2023

As a new benefit we now offer access to AXIS OS beta releases that can be used to perform early compatibility tests on selected devices, to verify upcoming security updates and to get access to upcoming features.

Hybrid machine learning - Hard hat detection

October 11, 2023

This tutorial describes how to use AXIS Object Analytics on the camera and to perform the more compute-intensive tasks in the cloud for hard hat detection.

Upcoming breaking changes in AXIS OS

September 15, 2023

The next AXIS OS LTS track, is planned for launch in Q3, 2024. After that AXIS OS 12 will be released and with that some breaking changes will be introduced. Some breaking changes with less impact will also be introduced in AXIS OS 11, active track.

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The AXIS OS beta releases can be used to perform early compatibility tests.

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ACAP version 4 contains two complementing SDKs addressing different needs.

AXIS Media Control SDK

Windows SDK for applications that stream live video and audio from Axis products.

AXIS Media Parser SDK

Windows SDK for video and audio recordings and synchronized playback

AXIS Dewarping SDK

Windows SDK for client-side dewarping, (stretching out 360° or 180° video from an Axis panoramic camera with a fisheye lens.)

AXIS Joystick SDK

Windows SDK for adding joystick and control board support to your software application.

AXIS Metadata Monitor

Capture and visualize the metadata stream produced by an Axis device.

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