Network speakers

packshot of axis speakers
Complete audio systems in a single unit for voice messages

An Axis network speaker is an all-in-one audio system for live and prescheduled voice messages, plus background music. Ideal for both basic and complex installations, our portfolio offers  options for a wide range of use cases and environments. 

All-in-one system

All needed hardware and software come in the speaker for an efficient, space-saving installation with fewer possible points of failure.

Intuitive software

AXIS Audio Manager Edge is pre-installed for single-site management, so it’s easy to set and revise audio zoning, content prioritization, scheduling, and user permissions. 

Preconfigured sound
Built-in digital signal processing tunes the signal using advanced equalization, filtering, and compression for optimal voice and background music – starting the moment you take it out of the box.

Two-way audio

A built-in mic enables high-quality two-way audio for better situational awareness and real-time message confirmation between sender and audience. 

Just one cable 

With Power over Ethernet, our speakers connect to the standard network for both power and connectivity. No dedicated audio cabling, no hassle. 

Easy to install

Thoughtful design makes installation easy, safe, and time-efficient – for example, click-in mounting options or an LED that lights up when the device is successfully connected.


Remote health monitoring

You can be confident that your system is working – without having to go onsite to check. 

Made to integrate

Built on an open platform, our speakers integrate with other Axis products as well as 3rd party hardware and software. That makes for more flexible and powerful solutions. 


You can put our multipurpose speakers to work in different ways as needs change – and it’s quick and easy to update the system by adding speakers, setting up a new zone, revising content, and more. 

Speaker portfolio overview

Speakers for every installation