White papers

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Title Language Date
Dimensioni del sensore e qualità d'immagine nelle telecamere 4K Italian October 2021
Caméras panoramiques French October 2021
Panorama-Kameras German October 2021
Kamery panoramiczne Polish October 2021
Cámaras panorámicas Spanish October 2021
Steuerung der Bitrate für IP-Video German October 2021
IP 비디오용 비트 레이트 제어 Korean October 2021
Controle da taxa de bits para vídeos IP Portuguese, Brazil October 2021
Dati video come prova Italian October 2021
全景摄像机 Chinese, Simplified October 2021
Lightfinder Spanish October 2021
视频数据作为证据 Chinese, Simplified October 2021
公共广播 Chinese, Simplified October 2021
IPビデオのビットレート制御 Japanese October 2021
Kontrola przepływności bitowej w dozorze wizyjnym IP Polish October 2021
Control de la velocidad de bits para vídeo IP Spanish October 2021
Axis Zipstream technology English October 2021
Remote temperature monitoring English October 2021
Thermal cameras English October 2021
ネットワーク音声がビジネスに付加価値をもたらす仕組み Japanese October 2021
Durchsagen German November 2021
Telecamere panoramiche Italian November 2021
Потенциал встроенного аудио Russian November 2021
Панорамные камеры Russian November 2021
物理访问控制的数字化与网络安全 Chinese, Simplified November 2021