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Title Language Date
深入洞察提供明智的商業決策: 分析影像監控系統總體持有成本(TCO) Chinese, Simplified September 2016
Saperne di più per decidere meglio: Analisi del Costo totale di proprietà (Total Cost of Ownership – TCO) dei sistemi... Italian September 2016
より高い見識で 意思決定の質を高める: 映像監視システムの総所有コスト (TCO)分析 Japanese August 2016
Проникновение в суть вещей: ради принятия взвешенных решений в бизнесе Russian August 2016
Tieferer Einblick zur Optimierung von Geschäftsentscheidungen: Analyse der Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) von Videoübe... German August 2016
Laser focus English July 2016
Analyse du coût total depossession (Engl. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance) French July 2016
Análisis del coste total depropiedad (CTP) (Engl. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance) Spanish July 2016
Cutting costs without losing forensic value. Three examples of cost savings with Zipstream technology English July 2016
Secure your installation with live testing English June 2016
Focus recall English June 2016
i-CS lenses – intelligent lenses improving camera performance English June 2016
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance English June 2016
SIP - An introduction English October 2015
Technologie Zipstream od firmy Axis Czech September 2015
Technologia Zipstream firmy Axis Polish September 2015
品質の価値規格やカタログ表記にとどまらない信頼性を実現 Japanese August 2015
Axis Mobile Streaming English June 2015
비디오 엔코더 - 아날로그 시스템에 IP 감시의 이점 제공 Korean June 2015
Axis 모바일 스트리밍 Korean June 2015
Sharpdome: 모든 높이에서 구현되는 선명한 이미지 Korean June 2015
이미지 흔들림 보정 – 카메라 가용성 향상 Korean June 2015
IP video door stations English April 2015
Latency in live network video surveillance English April 2015
「画像の有用性」に関するAxisガイドIPベースとアナログベースの監視システムの比較 Japanese August 2014