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Title Language Date
El potencial de la captura de audio Spanish August 2021
Sensor size and image quality in 4K cameras English July 2021
Capture de plaque d'immatriculation French July 2021
Kennzeichenerfassung German July 2021
Acquisizione delle targhe Italian July 2021
Monitorowanie tablic rejestracyjnych Polish July 2021
Captura de placas de licença Portuguese, Brazil July 2021
Captura de matrículas Spanish July 2021
Perimeter protection with intelligent surveillance English July 2021
Perimeter protection for airports withintelligent video surveillance English July 2021
The potential of "audio in" English July 2021
Multisite systems for access control English June 2021
Reflets infrarouges dans les caméras dômes French June 2021
License plate capture English June 2021
固定式半球摄像机的红外反射干扰 Chinese, Simplified June 2021
Отражение света ИК подсветки в купольных камерах Russian June 2021
돔 카메라의 IR 반사 Korean June 2021
Reflexos IR em câmeras dome Portuguese, Brazil June 2021
ドームカメラのIR反射(赤外反射) Japanese June 2021
Riflessi dei raggi infrarossi sulle telecamere dome Italian June 2021
Odbicia promieniowania IR w kamerach kopułkowych Polish June 2021
Infrarot-Reflexionen in Dome-Kameras German June 2021
Reflejos en las cámaras domo IR Spanish June 2021
Sztuczna inteligencja w analizie wideo - Uwagi dotyczące analizy opartej na uczeniumaszynowym i głębokim uczeniu Polish May 2021
IR reflections in dome cameras English May 2021