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Title Language Date
O potencial da "entrada de áudio" Portuguese, Brazil August 2021
Proteção do perímetro com monitoramento inteligente Portuguese, Brazil August 2021
Proteção de perímetro para aeroportos com videomonitoramento inteligente Portuguese, Brazil August 2021
Protección perimetral con vigilancia inteligente Spanish August 2021
インテリジェントな監視による周辺保護 Japanese August 2021
지능형 감시를 통한 경계 구역 보호 Korean August 2021
Sistemas multisitio para el control de acceso Spanish August 2021
Многообъектные системы контроля доступа Russian August 2021
Съёмка автомобильных номерных знаков Russian August 2021
牌照捕捉 Chinese, Simplified August 2021
面向访问控制的多点系统 Chinese, Simplified August 2021
Systèmes multisites de contrôle d’accès French August 2021
Systeme für die standortübergreifende Zutrittskontrolle German August 2021
Sistemi multi-sito per il controllo access Italian August 2021
ナンバープレートキャプチャー Japanese August 2021
アクセスコントロール用マルチサイトシステム Japanese August 2021
번호판 캡처 Korean August 2021
접근 제어를 위한 다중 사이트 시스템 Korean August 2021
Wielolokalizacyjne systemy kontroli dostępu Polish August 2021
Sistemas multisite para controle de acesso Portuguese, Brazil August 2021
“音频”的潜能 Chinese, Simplified August 2021
智能监控保护机场周界安全 Chinese, Simplified August 2021
「音声入力」の可能性 Japanese August 2021
インテリジェント映像監視による空港の周辺保護 Japanese August 2021
"오디오 입력"의 잠재력 Korean August 2021