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Title Language Date
Location data in body worn systems English March 2021
Device lifecycle management with AXIS Device Manager Extend English March 2021
Video encoders - Providing analog video with IP benefits English March 2021
视频编码器 Chinese, Simplified March 2021
Видеокодеры Russian March 2021
Encodeurs vidéo French March 2021
Video-Encoder German March 2021
Codificadores de vídeo Spanish March 2021
Codificatori video Italian March 2021
ビデオエンコーダ Japanese March 2021
Wideoenkodery Polish March 2021
비디오 엔코더 Korean March 2021
Whitepaper: Kurzanleitung zu Axis Datenblättern. Zulassungen, Zertifikate und Protokolle (März 2021) German March 2021
Identity and access management in video surveillance systems English March 2021
Gestión del ciclo de vida de los dispositivos con AXIS Device Manager Extend Spanish April 2021
Управление жизненным циклом устройств с помощью приложения AXIS Device Manager Extend Russian April 2021
利用AXIS Device Manager Extend执行设备寿命期管理 Chinese, Simplified April 2021
Gestion du cycle de vie des dispositifs avec AXIS Device Manager Extend French April 2021
Gerenciamento do ciclo de vida do dispositivo com AXIS Device Manager Extend Portuguese, Brazil April 2021
Geräte-Lebenszyklusmanagement mit AXIS Device Manager Extend German April 2021
Gestione del ciclo di vita dei dispositivi con AXIS Device Manager Extend Italian April 2021
Zarządzanie cyklem istnienia urządzeń przy użyciu aplikacji AXIS Device Manager Extend Polish April 2021
AXIS Device Manager Extendによるデバイスのライフサイクル管理 Japanese April 2021
AXIS Device Manager Extend를 이용한 장치 수명 주기 관리 Korean April 2021
AI in video analytics - Considerations for analytics based on machine learning and deep learning English April 2021