A new firmware ( has been released for all network speakers. The new firmware is available for download from the product pages on axis.com or using AXIS Device Manager.

Main new features in

2-way audio

  • Enables conversations with people near a speaker, for example reaching teachers in a classroom, providing remote assistance in retail stores, or security scenarios where you benefit from speaking with your counterpart.
  • The 2-way audio uses half-duplex echo cancellation - meaning this works as a walkie-talkie. You either speak or listen.
  • SIP microphones, VoIP phones and systems with integrated audio product can benefit from this feature.

Ultra-low latency mode

  • Lower audio delay when paging to audio zones.
  • Latency is configurable for each source in the system.

Sound profiles

  • Each content type like paging, announcements, advertisements and music is individually optimized for best result.
  • The following profiles can be assigned to each content class or a specific audio source: Voice (Clarity), Voice (Natural), Music.

Introducing an easier way to play audio on individual speakers

We are also introducing changes to provide an easier way to play audio on individual speakers. In the latest firmware (, devices that are not configured as intermediary device for a VAPIX Audio, VAPIX Media Clip or SIP will play incoming audio on the device itself by default.

What does this mean?

By default, device local sources, i.e. transmit.cgi, SIP, mediaclip.cgi, are mapped to play on the device itself.

  • If a user configures a paging source in AXIS Audio Manager Edge it will replace the default mapping for that type (Vapix:transmit.cgi, SIP:SIP, Mediaclip:mediaclip.cgi). The other (non related) device local sources will remain untouched.
  • If a paging source configured in AXIS Audio Manager Edge is removed, the device local source returns to being mapped to the device itself.
  • For a new audio site, default mapping is created automatically. If a user upgrade an existing site, the user has to enable this in Audio product's web GUI ->system settings->sources.
  • If a user wants to target a swarm, the user still need to do the configuration in AXIS Audio Manager Edge. Default mapping only address playback on the specific device.

Note that line-in functionality is not affected by these changes.