Axis network I/O relay modules are mainly intended for security applications. They are based on an open platform, enabling a high level of integration with Axis network door controllers and other facility systems. They can, of course, also be integrated as standalone I/O modules, in the same way you might integrate AXIS P8221 Network I/O Audio Module, but AXIS A9161 and AXIS A9188 network I/O relay modules offer many more advanced security features, such as supervised inputs, analog inputs, relay output control, on-board scheduling, event logging and fall-back mode. The I/O relay modules are, for example, perfect for integration with Axis network door controllers to support elevator access control.


System overview

The I/O relay module can be integrated in any video management system (VMS) or security management system (SMS) as a standalone I/O module:

The I/O relay module integrated as a standalone I/O module

The module can also be integrated with an Axis network door controller to support elevator access control:

The I/O relay module integrated with an Axis network door controller

Standalone integration

VAPIX I/O Port API can be used to integrate basic input and output port features:

  • Configure ports as inputs or outputs

  • Activate/deactivate output ports and relays

  • Monitor port states, change events

I/O control APIs (JSON and SOAP-based) are also available to support more advanced I/O & relay control features:

General Purpose I/O Service API

  • Supervised inputs, dedicated threshold configurations for open, close, cut and short wire states enables free choice of end-of-line (EOL) resistors.

  • Analog inputs, monitoring the raw voltage level of I/O.

Schedule service

  • iCalendar-based, same schedule service as in the network door controllers. A typical use case is scheduled output port control.

Event logger service

  • Store up to 30k event logs from the AXIS A9188, for security information backup.

  • Same API as for the network door controllers.

Heartbeat service API

  • Fallback mode support, auto-detect master device/server communication status. If the communication keeps failing during certain pre-configured intervals, the AXIS A9188 can change all output ports to preconfigured states.

Integrated with Axis network door controller for elevator access control

The network I/O relay modules can also be connected to a network door controller, AXIS A1001 or AXIS A1601 (with firmware 1.41 or higher), to support elevator access control. The communication between the two devices is controlled by the door controller, which is the master device, and the I/O relay module is the slave.

Once the I/O relay module is connected to the door controller, the client can easily discover, monitor and control the output ports on the I/O relay module, just as if the output ports were located on the door controller. The whole access control logic is located on the door controller, no extra or special configuration is needed, the elevator floor level is simpy interpreted as a door in the door controller's system.

Axis network I/O relay module + Axis network door controller with elevator access control, integration steps:

Integration steps of an Axis network I/O relay module plus an Axis network door controller with elevator access control