The AXIS Media Parser SDK is advanced, but is still flexible and easy-to-use. It contains the following three COM components: 

  • AXIS Media Parser – intended to be used in a recording engine, to record video and audio in all media formats supported by Axis products. 

  • AXIS Media Viewer – used for playback of recorded media. 

  • AXIS File Writer – to export recorded video and audio to ASF files or MP4 files. 

The AXIS Media Parser SDK also contains comprehensive documentation and Microsoft® Visual Studio® sample projects.

AXIS Media Parser SDK is intended for recording solutions. For live video and audio solutions, AXIS Media Control provides the best performance.

NOTEThe AXIS Media Parser SDK also includes decoder components and these are provided for development purposes only. It is your own responsibility to obtain any third-party licenses required. Axis does not grant to you, under the SDK license agreement, any necessary patent rights with respect to audio and/or video encoders or decoders. More information is available in the license file for the SDK. Please read it carefully.

AXIS Media Parser SDK key features

  • H.264/H.265 support

  • Motion JPEG support

  • Audio support

  • Decoder components included for H.264, H.265 and AAC

  • Support for third party DirectShow filters

  • Export recordings from edge storage

  • Write media to ASF or MP4 files

  • Event notification using metadata stream

  • Support for H.264/H.265 hardware decoding (only in 64-bit SDK) 



Visual studio 2019 and earlier requires the 32-bit version of the SDK to be installed on the development computer, even if only targeting the 64-bit version.

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