AXIS OS is our operating system for edge devices. It’s a Linux-based OS that’s built around openness, transparency and cybersecurity. Here you'll find beta-releases of the upcoming AXIS OS Active track for a range of products. The AXIS OS beta releases can be used to perform early compatibility tests on selected devices, to verify upcoming security updates and to get access to upcoming features. The beta versions contain the new features and bug fixes that will be included in the coming release. However, they are still under development and have not yet passed our complete release testing. 

For information about included features and planned release date, visit the AXIS OS Portal.

  • AXIS OS beta releases are intended for test or staging environments and should not be used in any production (real surveillance) environments.
  • Your use of the AXIS OS beta releases is subject to Axis End User License Agreement and the Product Specific Terms AXIS OS.
  • Available functionality may vary depending on the device model and depending on the prior release.
  • If you want to downgrade your product from a beta release to a production release, please make sure to reset it to factory default first.
  • We do not provide support on AXIS OS beta versions. If you should encounter a problem, reproduce it on the latest official AXIS OS release before you submit a ticket on the helpdesk.