AXIS Media Control is a GUI component and is very easy to use. Using the example code you can develop a media streaming application in a very short time.

The SDK contains an ActiveX component optimized for efficient video rendering directly in ActiveX containers such as Microsoft® Visual Studio® Projects. In addition to the component, the SDK includes documentation with API specifications and Microsoft® Visual Studio® sample projects in C# and C++. 

AXIS Media Control is intended for live video and audio. For recording solutions, the preferred choice is the AXIS Media Parser SDK.

NOTE: The AXIS Media Control SDK also includes decoder components, which are provided for development purposes only. It is your responsibility to obtain any required third-party licenses. Axis does not grant to you, under the SDK license agreement, any necessary patent rights with respect to audio and/or video encoders or decoders. More information is available in the license file for the SDK. Please read it carefully.

AXIS Media Control SDK key features

  • H.264/H.265 support
  • Motion JPEG support
  • Audio support
  • Dewarping support
  • Decoder components included for H.264, H.265 and AAC
  • Recording and playback of ASF files
  • Playback from edge storage
  • PTZ control using mouse or joystick
  • Support for H.264/H.265 hardware decoding (only in 64-bit SDK)


NOTE: It is recommended to always install the 32-bit version of the SDK on development computers, even if only targeting the 64-bit version, as Visual Studio requires the x86 components to retrieve the type library definitions.

The 32-bit decoder included in the camera is not compatible with the 64-bit SDK.

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