Client-side dewarping works fine with live video streams, but is typically useful when the user wants to zoom into a video stream that has been recorded in the 360° or 180° overview mode (supported camera models can be found in the AXIS Dewarping SDK release notes).

AXIS Dewarping SDK also support stitching, dynamic PTZ controls and horizon adjustments for many mulitsensor cameras, e.g. AXIS P3827-PVE multisensor camera. See the example images below.

The SDK comes with several pre-compiled pixel shaders that enable efficient dewarping, by exploiting the processing power of the graphics card. The included sample code shows how to use the pixel shaders directly in a rendering engine, or how to integrate with the AXIS Dewarping Transform component that encapsulates this functionality as a software library.

For your convenience we have also included some test recordings in the SDK, so you don’t need a physical 360° or 180° panorama camera or an AXIS P3807-PVE to start using the SDK.

AXIS Dewarping SDK key features

  • Dewarping of 360° and 180° video
  • PTZ in the dewarped view
  • Support for quad and panoramic view
  • Integration in Direct3D using precompiled pixel shaders
  • Simple integration in DirectShow using the AXIS Dewarping Transform DMO
  • Flexible integration using AXIS Dewarping Transform as an image I/O library
  • C++ and C#/.Net sample code
  • Test recordings

New features in version 5.1

The new AXIS Q3819-PVE Panoramic Camera has very wide resolutions, which didn't work well with the AXIS Dewarping SDK. In version 5.1, the built in border control can be disabled for better virtual PTZ movements. SDK 5.1 also has support for more graphics cards.

New features in version 5.0

Version 5.0 provides support for horizon adjustment and virtual PTZ for AXIS P3807-PVE multi-sensor camera. We have also put a lot of efforts into performance optimizations. Software fallback is now automatically used to support machines with no or incompatible graphics cards. For full list of new features and fixes, please see the release notes.

Supported views

  • Overview image
  • PTZ in the dewarped view (dynamic control)
  • PTZ in the dewarped view + the overview image where you can see the area you zoomed into
  • Quad view
  • Panorama (wide angle)
  • Panorama, double (with two wide angles)

Original stream from AXIS P3807-PVE in client dewarp capture mode:

Original stream from AXIS P3807-PVE in client dewarp capture mode

Processed stream using AXIS Dewarping SDK:

Processed stream using AXIS Dewarping SDK


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