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Audio made smart and easy

Complete high-quality audio systems in a single unit. We offer standalone network horn speakers and audio accessories that complement our network cameras and video encoders. We also provide complete high-quality audio systems that are perfect for stores.


A video management system (VMS) or security management system (SMS) with integrated Axis audio products adds many valuable and unique selling points for an end-customer, for example:

  • In live monitoring situations, the operator can remotely address people and deter unwanted activity. Audio is a very efficient way to prevent incidents before they happen. This increases security while reducing staffing costs.

  • As a response to an alarm, audio can be played back manually or automatically. Pre-recorded audio files are available within the product and you can also upload your own audio files to it.

  • Make announcements remotely.

  • Play background music on scheduled and customized playlists.

VMS and network audio system overview

Audio relay network

By creating speaker zones or groups, you can address multiple (even hundreds) network speakers in groups. You can play background music, and broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements. You can also control the volume for each unit individually and simultaneously.

One of the speakers in the group is configured as the leader and the rest of them will automatically become followers, with their audio being synchronized with the leader. From a client perspective, you only need to connect to and communicate with the lead speaker. Thanks to this smart design, the integration becomes much easier and smoother and you don’t have to worry about audio synchronization issues.

Audio relay network

AXIS Audio Player

AXIS Audio Player is an ACAP application (running inside the product) pre-installed in the network speakers. This application allows you to create and schedule your own offline MP3 music playlists. The music is stored on and played from the local SD card. If you want to stream music, the AXIS Audio Player allows the speaker system to connect to sources such as third-party music streaming services.

A schedule with AXIS Audio Player of a day in the store


Just like Axis network door stations, our network speakers also have support for SIP, which makes it easy to integrate them in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone systems, for when you want to, for example, make live announcements.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a standardized set of formats for communicating messages used to initiate, control, and terminate interactive user sessions with multimedia services. SIP is widely used for controlling voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Any VoIP telephony system that uses SIP will be able to connect to Axis network speakers.


Read more and download the integration guide.

VAPIX Library

  • Audio API – transmit and receive audio, and configure audio mode parameters.

  • Media clip API – play media clips as event actions, or control media clips from external applications. Supported functionality:
    - Record a media clip
    - Play a media clip
    - Upload a media clip to the Axis product
    - Download a media clip from the Axis product
    - Play a media clip as an event action

  • Auto speaker test service APIAuto speaker test service API – calibrate and run speaker tests

  • Call service API – integrate Axis products with a VoIP system using the SIP protocol, or − in any other security or video management system − using simulated calls. The latter is also known as a VMS call, in which the Axis product’s event system simulates and uses the RTSP and HTTP APIs for video and audio streaming.

  • Audio relay service API – set up audio relay networks and synchronize audio between speakers 

  • Audio control service API – control foreground and background volumes for the audio relay network

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