Network door stations changes name to network intercoms - affected parameters and new API.

With the introduction of AXIS I8016-LVE, "Axis network door stations" will officially change name to "Axis network intercoms".

  • All new intercom products will start with an I instead of an A.
  • Intercom will no longer be part of the solution category "Access control", but will have its own solution category "Network intercoms" on, the partner pages and in the VAPIX library.

The following parameters will be affected by the naming change:

  • API Discovery Id - doorstation change to intercom
  • root.Properties.API.DoorStationReader change to root.Properties.API.Intercom

Intercom service API

A new set of intercom APIs, "Intercom service API", will soon be available. The API will provide mechanisms for configuring and managing the core intercom functionality.

The service includes the following operations:

  • Each Entry can map between short numbers (keyTrigger) or I/O inputs to CallInformation (embedded or in children).
  • Configure what external Axis Access Control compatible device to use for requesting access.

The service also defines a number of events for real-time monitoring:

  • Access granted/denied events.
  • DTMF events