Axis will provide color of the vehicle in Axis analytics metadata stream in AXIS OS 11.1. Time schedule and included features are subject to change as work progresses and this guide will be updated accordingly.

What are the benefits of this change?

  • This will improve forensic search capabilities.
  • Any ACAP or other application that uses Axis analytics metadata stream may benefit from it.

Are there any limitations?

  • It will be available in products with ARTPEC-8 and Ambarella CV25 chipset.
  • The white balance setting in the camera should be accurate in order to get good color detection.

What should be taken into consideration when doing an integration?

  • This should not break the current integrations unless you have static parsing for each element in the XML file.
  • Partners should consider adding vehicle color data in their search filters.

How is the color data presented in Axis analytics metadata stream?

Axis devices are currently providing the following colors with a likelihood value:

White: <tt:Color X="255" Y="255" Z="255" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Gray: <tt:Color X="128" Y="128" Z="128" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Black: <tt:Color X="0" Y="0" Z="0" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Red: <tt:Color X="255" Y="0" Z="0" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Blue: <tt:Color X="0" Y="0" Z="255" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Green: <tt:Color X="0" Y="128" Z="0" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Yellow: <tt:Color X="255" Y="255" Z="0" Likelihood="X.XX" Colorspace="RGB" />

Color is an element of appearance, below is an example of what you may get:

In this example, it is likely a black car (0.41 likely black and 0.92 likely a car).

metadata sample showing vehicle color

Where do I find more information?