Analytics module name "objectanalytics" will change to "AnalyticsSceneDescription". Each XML has a source tag in the Metadata analytics stream. Currently, there are two sources: "VideoMotionTracker" and  "objectanalytics". From AXIS OS 11.0 "objectanalytics" will be replaced with "AnalyticsSceneDescription".

Why these changes? What are the benefits?

  • We will offer more sources in the future so this was a necessary change to be able to provide different types of data.
  • "objectanalytics" is the old name that comes from AXIS Object Analytics which hasn't been connected to AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) since AXIS OS 10.11. AnalyticsSceneDescription better describes what data it contains and is a part of the AXIS OS.

What should developers take into consideration?

  • If you have any filtering based on "objectanalytics" your integration will break if using AXIS OS 11.0 or higher. We have announced a new upcoming LTS version for 2022,  based on AXIS OS 10.12 planned for release in September. You can use this AXIS OS LTS version until you make certain adjustments to support AnalyticsSceneDescription for AXIS OS 11.0 or higher.