Intercom service APIs are now available in Axis Intercom products with firmware 10.5 and later.

The intercom service provides the API endpoint /vapix/intercom as well as the websockets endpoints ws:// and wss:// at /vapix/intercomws. The websocket endpoint can be used to both issue API commands and to initiate event notifications in the JSON format.

The intercom service includes the following methods:

  • Configuration of what access control integration protocol to use to request access to. E.g using OSDP or Wiegand to any compatibe device, or using VAPIX Reader connection to an external Axis Access Control compatible device.
  • Configuration of what card types that should be enabled.
  • Allowing third-party integrators configure and control card data processing using the configured access control integration protocol.
  • Configuring the user interface behavior and API to control feedback. (These API:s may still change)
  • Configuring who to call and how it is triggered (API not published)

The intercom service also defines a number of events for real-time monitoring:

  • Card swipe events using tns1:Device/tnsaxis:Intercom/RFID
  • PIN entry events using tns1:Device/tnsaxis:Intercom/KeyPin
  • Aggregated call state events.