Deprecation of old AXIS Digital Autotracking 1.0 APIs and introduction of new PTZ Autotracking 2.2 event conditions and actions.

What will change

The following events and actions will be deprecated as they are not supported by PTZ Autotracking 2.x and forward:

Deprecated action:

  • com.axis.action.fixed.motiontracking
  • com.axis.action.unlimited.motiontracking

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Deprecated event:

  • tns1:PTZController/tnsaxis:AutoTracking

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The following events and actions will be added as of PTZ Autotracking 2.2 and forward:

Added action:

  • Toggle autotracking
    • Enables or disables tracking globally in PTZ Autotracking.
  • Toggle autotracking profile
    • Enables or disables a specific profile in PTZ Autotracking. If tracking has been disabled globally in PTZ Autotracking, no tracking will happen until that is enabled again.
  • Start temporary detection
    • Creates a temporary tracking zone in the current position or at the position of a specified preset, in which PTZ Autotracking will try to detect moving objects which it will then track.

Added event:

  • PTZ Autotracking: Detection in profile "<profile name>"
    • Is true while PTZ Autotracking is detecting motion within the area of the specified profile.


Why these changes? What are the benefits?

  • This change will add more flexibility in how PTZ Autotracking can be used in connection with other actors in the event system. It will allow PTZ Autotracking to be turned on and off, globally or for specific ares, by triggers in the event system. PTZ Autotracking will also send triggers based on detected movements, both globally and in specific ares.
  • The PTZ Autotracking 1.0 events and actions are also removed as they are not supported by PTZ Autotracking 2.0 which has its own API with better capabilites.
  • Further event support for PTZ Autotracking has been a common request from partners and is a way to expand the use of the functionality. 
  • Removing old, unused events and actions helps keep the API clean and up to date.

What should developers take into consideration?

  • Avoid using the deprecated interfaces from PTZ Autotracking 1.0 and use the corresponding interfaces in the new PTZ Autotracker API 2.0+ where needed.

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