Removal: editcgi.cgi

The API editcgi has been deprecated for several years and is now planned to be removed in about 6 months in version 10.7.

Product naming convention change affecting ProductType parameter

The product naming convention for new Axis cameras will change from "Network Camera", replacing "Network" with the type of camera, e.g. "Dome Camera", "Fixed Camera" or "PTZ Camera".

The first product out is AXIS P3255-LVE Dome Camera. Note that this affects the property ProductType in paramcgi, in this case "Dome Camera".

Deprecation: Media clip record command

We have decided to stop supporting the API command mediaclip.cgi?action=record in 6 months' time. The media clip record command has not been used much and it is not considered to be a proper way of recording, it will therefore be deprecated.

To be able to send a command for recording, please refer to the Edge Storage API instead.