The next AXIS OS LTS is planned for launch in Q2 2022. In the releases after that (AXIS OS 11), there are a number of previously announced breaking changes to VAPIX.

Upcoming changes

  • The possibility to ftp in to a device will be removed and SSH should be used instead
  • The editcgi will be removed
  • If multiple authentication is set to no, connections will be rejected.
    (System.HTTPAuthRTSPOverHTTP=no and RTSP.AuthenticateRTSPOverHTTP=no)
  • SNMP will switch to SHA-256 authentication by default
  • The legacy pixel-based Motion Detection that came with the firmware will be removed
  • The functionality mediaclip?action=record will be removed, however the rest of the mediaclip API will work
  • It will no longer be possible to access ptzconfig.cgi via ptz.cgi
  • The memoryzones add.cgi and remove.cgi will require admin access
  • Memoryzones now accept POST requests
  • Parameters like [root.Serial.NbrOfPorts], [root.PTZ.UserAdv.U#], [root.PTZ.UserBasic.U#], [root.PTZ.ImageSource.I0.PTZ] and [root.ImageSource.*](Q6215-LE only) has corrected security level according to the documentation
  • [PTZ] paramlist group now allows viewers and anonymous to read parameters. [PTZ.Support.S#] parameter group now allows anonymous to read
  • Remove BMP API from platform. All param.cgi parameters and ability to get BMP screen capture option will be removed
  • Removal of date.cgi. The date.cgi has been replaced by Time API since 9.30
  • setCaptureMode only requires operator level but you need admin level to reboot
  • Alter layout in matroska files. When UserDataEnabled is enabled for edge storage recordings, the embedded SEI messages has previously been stored in it's own SimpleBlock inside a mkv file. In the future, it will be stored in the same block as the access unit.
  • Support Profile M for multichannel products
  • Change analytics module name objectanalytics to AnalyticsSceneDescription
  • Removal of obsolete parameter PortManager.P#.PortEnabled and PortManager.P#.PTZServer.Enabled
  • Removal of ptzcalibrate.cgi