At the end of last year we released the first LTS firmware (9.80) for audio products. All Axis audio products, both active and discontinued received the LTS firmware. We also introduced a new audio management software, AXIS Audio Manager Edge.

AXIS Audio Manager Edge

AXIS Audio Manager Edge is a free, powerful, built-in audio management software. All Axis speakers, both active and discontinued products have received new firmware (version that support Axis Audio Manager Egde.

Active firmware track modes

In the firmware active track (version, we support the following two modes that are mutually exclusive:

  • Audio Manager Edge mode: Using AXIS Audio Manager Edge
  • Legacy mode: Using Audio management software audio player, Audio relay service API and Audio control service API 

By default, audio player, audio relay service API and audio control service API are supported, but when a speaker is on the active firmware track with audio manager edge enabled, audio player and the following APIs cannot be used anymore:


We are planning to deprecate the Audio relay service API and the Audio control service API in Q3 2021.

For developers that have integrated Audio relay service API and Audio control service API, the features can still be used on LTS firmware 9.80 and the active firmware without enabling Axis audio manager edge. To give you time to adapt to the changes, Axis speakers will continue to support the legacy mode on the active firmware track for another 6 months.