Kit Adaptador PoE+ ove Coax AXIS T8640

Migração economicamente eficiente para video em rede em instalações de pequeno porte

  • Reuse Coax cables and benefit from Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Perfect for smaller installations
  • Low upfront investment

If you want to move to IP and it is time to replace your analog video cameras, AXIS T8640 PoE+ over Coax Adapter Kit is an efficient way to make the switch – and keep your Coax cabling. AXIS T8640 PoE+ over Coax Adapter Kit includes two adapters, one for connecting a network camera to a Coax cable and one for connecting it to the network (see Typical set-up).

Let your Coax cables do double-duty

AXIS T8640 PoE+ over Coax Adapter Kit lets you reuse hard-to-replace or long-range Coax cabling when you replace your analog cameras with Axis network cameras. And you can integrate Power over Ethernet over Coax for efficient power management. Range distances depend on the power required and the type of cable quality. 

The right choice for smaller installations

With AXIS T8640 PoE+ over Coax Adapter Kit, you can replace your analog cameras with network video cameras at your own pace – one camera or several at a time.  Because it is a single-channel solution, there is no need to invest in chassis or to replace more than one camera at a time. Simply add adapter kits as you need them. 


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Unidades de posicionamento

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Power over Ethernet

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Power Supplies

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PoE+ over Coax

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