AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm

High-performance, low noise analog microphone for superior audio

  • Outstanding audio with low noise-level
  • Discreet and compact analog microphone
  • Hemispherical
  • Flexible installation

Are you looking for a high-performing analog microphone that allows you to monitor and record outstanding audio as part of your video surveillance system?

AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm is a high-performance and discreet microphone designed for best results in rooms with low ambient noise-levels. From hospitals and schools to banks and retail departments, this microphone is ideal for any location where superior audio is required.

Outstanding performance

This hemispherical microphone can collect sound from every direction, and the quality of the recording is superior to that of the network product’s internal microphone.

Even in small rooms with low noise-levels, AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm can be optimally positioned close to the sound source. You can be confident of recording high-quality audio without added noise, artifacts or distortion.

Audio right where you need it

AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm offers a broad range of mounting accessories to help make installation fast and flexible. Easily mounted on walls, ceiling or in covert areas, this compact microphone can be subtly concealed from view or visibly used as a deterrent. This makes it perfect for surveillance situations where audio quality is crucial, such as police interrogation rooms and cash-handling desks.

AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm is compatible with any network products that supports a 3.5 mm microphone input jack, or a 4-pin audio connector. Furthermore, this microphone is powered by the network product, so no additional cables or power supplies are needed, helping minimize time and installation costs.

Audio and I/O

Terminal Block to 3.5 mm Audio Extension

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AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface

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Cables and connectors

AXIS Audio Extension Cable B 5 m

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AXIS P55/Q60 Multi-connector cable, 5 m

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I/O Audio Cable, 5 m (16 ft)

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AXIS Multicable B I/O Audio Power, 2.5 m

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AXIS Multicable A I/O Audio Power

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