AXIS T8604 Media Converter Switch

Bring Ethernet to a fast optical fiber long distance connection

  • Convert Ethernet to optical fiber
  • Compatible with Axis network video products
  • Support for 10/100 Mbps
  • Reliable configuration
  • Two SFP slots and two RJ-45 ports

From Ethernet to optical fiber

The media converter switch can be connected in a daisy chain network. The maximum number of cameras that can be connected in the daisy chain depends on the generated bit rate per camera. The limitations are the 100 Mbit link between camera and media converter switch, and the 1000 Mbit link between the media converter switches. AXIS T8604 does not feature IGMP Snooping.

For long distance connections

Fiber optic connections are typically used in city surveillance, airports and other long distance installations, where lighting strikes are a threat or great connection distances are required. Surveillance integrators in the field can also connect installation monitors and laptops to AXIS T8604 for camera maintenance and control.

Easy conversion and installation

The media converter switch is compatible with all Axis network video products. An Axis camera/encoder connects to AXIS T8604 via RJ-45, and the two SFP slots give installers the flexibility to connect the cameras cost-effectively to the network over long distances. The RJ-45 connectors can also be used for connection to complementary cameras or temporarily to a laptop to service the system locally.

Typical set-up


AXIS T91A03 DIN Rail Clip A (5 pcs)

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Power over Ethernet

AXIS T8127 60W Splitter 12/24V DC

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AXIS T8061 Ethernet Surge Protector

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Power Supplies

Power Supply DIN CP-D 12/2.1 25 W

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AXIS T8006 PS12

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Media Converters

AXIS T8611 SFP Module LC.LX

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AXIS T8613 SFP Module 1000BASE-T

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AXIS T8612 SFP Module LC.SX

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AXIS T98A17-VE Media Converter Cabinet A

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AXIS T98A16-VE Media Converter Cabinet A

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AXIS T98A19-VE Media Converter Cabinet A

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AXIS T98A15-VE Media Converter Cabinet A

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AXIS T98A18-VE Media Converter Cabinet A

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