AXIS Loitering Guard

For detecting loiterers


  • Intelligent tracking algorithm for loitering detection
  • Multiple loitering conditions and profiles for extra flexibility
  • Perspective configuration for fewer false alarms
  • Bounding box alarm overlay in live and recorded videos
  • Quick and easy configuration

AXIS Loitering Guard tracks moving objects such as people and vehicles, and triggers an alarm if they have been in a predefined area for too long. The video-based application, which runs on a network camera, can help prevent crime such as vandalism and break-ins.

The application is ideal for low-traffic areas and after business hours on semi-public properties such as office parking lots and schoolyards, as well as near fences. It relies on time-based triggers, so you get far fewer unwarranted alarms than with other, more conventional applications.

AXIS Loitering Guard is compatible with Axis network video products running firmware version 7.x and higher. It is available for free download.

More effective. More efficient.

AXIS Loitering Guard integrates with a camera’s event management functions. This means you can decide how you want the system to automatically respond to loiterers.

Having the camera send live video and email alerts to security staff allows a guard to focus on potential problems and take preventive action. Setting the camera to send and record video only on alarm also makes reviewing and searching for incidents easier, and reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. You can also program the camera to activate a loudspeaker or turn on lights to scare off intruders.

Fewer false alarms

AXIS Loitering Guard uses intelligent algorithms to cut back on costly false alarms. It analyzes movement and ignores ordinary background motion. It further supports false alarm filters that can disregard motion caused by swaying foliage and small objects such as animals.

The small object filter can be further refined using perspective configuration. This function allows you to configure the application to associate an object’s image size at different distances from the camera, with the actual size of that object. In this way, AXIS Loitering Guard is able to alert security staff to the presence of a suspicious truck further away, while ignoring a harmless animal that is at close range.

Easy configuration. Extra flexibility.

AXIS Loitering Guard is easy to set up and configure. The application supports two loitering conditions and multiple profiles. You can set up, for instance, one profile that tracks the time of each individual object detected in a predefined area, and another profile that tracks the time when there is any presence of moving objects in an area. You can use different profiles simultaneously or at different times. This allows you to configure different responses to different trigger settings, or apply different trigger settings for different times of day.

The user interface provides real-time visual confirmation, supporting features such as progress bars for displaying accumulated loitering time, and bounding boxes that turn from green to red when an alarm is triggered using the “individual” loitering condition. The visual confirmation makes it possible to ensure that objects are correctly detected.

Configuring AXIS Loitering Guard
Profiles and Alarm Overlay

Alarm overlay

On a number of Axis video products, AXIS Loitering Guard supports alarm overlays that help you easily determine the object or area that is triggering the alarms. Taking the form of red bounding boxes around alarm-triggering objects or red shading for a triggering area, the overlays can be used on one selected video resolution and are permanently burnt in into any live or recorded video using that resolution.

Download software

The latest version of this software is 2.3.0

Compatible with

Axis network video products with firmware 7.x and higher. See list here