AXIS Fence Guard

For intrusion detection

  • Indoor and outdoor virtual trip-wire application
  • Multiple profiles for extra flexibility
  • Perspective configuration for fewer false alarms
  • Quick and easy configuration

Protect from intrusion

AXIS Fence Guard allows you to set up virtual fences in a camera's field of view to protect an area from intrusion. The application automatically triggers an alarm when it detects a moving object, such as a person or vehicle, crossing a user-defined virtual line.

It is ideal for after-hours monitoring of office buildings, retail stores, industrial properties and vehicle depots in non-critical applications.

AXIS Fence Guard helps security personnel to focus on real threats. It also helps reduce storage and bandwidth requirements if the camera is set to record only on alarm. The application can be used by indoor and outdoor Axis network video products with firmware 7.x and higher.

Easy configuration

AXIS Fence Guard is easy to set up and configure. The intuitive user interface with real-time visual confirmation provides an easy way to validate that the application detects objects correctly. The application integrates with the camera's event management system, which can respond to an alarm by sending email notifications, streaming video to a video management software system, recording video to edge storage, and setting off external devices through the camera's output ports.

Multiple profiles for extra flexibility

AXIS Fence Guard supports multiple profiles for creating multiple configurations; for instance, one configuration for daytime and one for nighttime, or configurations for different fences. Each profile with one fence triggers its own alarm and has its own settings.

Fewer false alarms

AXIS Fence Guard reduces false alarms by analyzing and disregarding normal background motion. Support for Axis False Alarm Filtering provides an additional layer of defense against false alerts as the application can ignore disturbing, short-lived motion caused by objects such as headlights or small animals.

Furthermore, the application’s support for perspective configuration allows the small object filter to be refined to further reduce the number of false alarms. Perspective configuration allows an object’s size as it appears in the image to be compared with the actual size of the corresponding physical object. In this way, it can ignore, for instance, a small animal that is at close range, while detecting a truck further away.

How to buy

You can buy single or 10-pack license codes from an Axis distributor. One license is required per camera. The license can be activated from the camera or online. A 30-day trial version is available online. Note that this application is free for AXIS Q-line products with firmware 7.x or higher.



This application is free for Axis Q-line products with firmware 7.x or higher 

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Compatible with

Axis network video products with firmware 7.x and higher. See list here