AXIS Fence Guard


  • 室内和室外虚拟 trip-wire 应用
  • 多个配置文件可提供更多灵活性
  • 透视功能配置可减少假警报
  • 快速便捷配置

Protect from intrusion

AXIS Fence Guard allows you to set up virtual fences in a camera's field of view to protect an area from intrusion. The application automatically triggers an alarm when it detects a moving object, such as a person or vehicle, crossing a user-defined virtual line. It is ideal for after-hours monitoring of office buildings, retail stores, industrial properties and vehicle depots in non-critical applications.

AXIS Fence Guard 可帮助安保人员将注意力集中于真正的威胁上。如果摄像机设置为仅在报警时进行录制,还有助于降低存储和带宽需求。该应用程序适用于固件版本为 7.x 及更高的室内和室外安讯士网络视频产品。

More effective. More efficient.

AXIS Fence Guard integrates with a camera’s event management functions. This means you can decide how you want the system to automatically respond to intruders.

Having the camera send live video and email alerts to security staff allows a guard to focus on potential problems and take preventive action. Setting the camera to send and record video only on alarm also makes reviewing and searching for incidents easier, and reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. You can also program the camera to activate a loudspeaker or turn on lights to scare off intruders.


AXIS Fence Guard 通过分析和忽略正常背景移动来减少假警报。该应用程序支持安讯士假警报过滤,可忽略由前大灯或小动物等引起的干扰性短暂运动,从而为防范假警报提供一个附加防御层。


Easy configuration. Extra flexibility.

AXIS Fence Guard is easy to set up and configure. The application enables you to create multiple profiles with different configurations. Each profile supports one trip wire. And each profile can be used simultaneously or at different times. This allows you to configure different responses to different trigger settings, or apply different trigger settings for different times of day.

The user interface provides real-time visual confirmation, supporting features such as bounding boxes that turn from green to red when an alarm event is triggered. The visual confirmation makes it possible to ensure that objects are correctly detected.

Alarm overlay

On a number of Axis video products, AXIS Fence Guard supports alarm overlays that help you easily determine the objects that are triggering the alarms. Taking the form of red bounding boxes around alarm-triggering objects, the overlays can be used on one selected video resolution and are permanently burnt in into any live or recorded video using that resolution.


您可从安讯士经销商处购买单个或 10 个装的许可证代码。每台摄像机都需要一个许可证。许可证可通过摄像机或在线激活。在线提供 30 天试用版。请注意,此应用对配备了固件 7.x 或更高版本的 AXIS Q-line 产品免费。



此应用对配备了固件 7.x 或更高版本的 Axis Q-line 产品免费






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