AXIS ThinWizard

The primary tool for large organizations and enterprise networks needing a powerful and optimized tool for printing management.

Below are some application areas where AXIS ThinWizard would provide a easy and efficient solution for these needs.

Application examples:
Network Administrator You are a network administrator in a large bank with many local branch offices. You have over 100 printers with Axis print servers connected to your network and would like to be able to manage them remotely from the central IT-department or any other location.
Solution With AXIS ThinWizard you can set the IP addresses of newly installed print servers, you can organize print servers and printers in network groups i.e. locations, printer types, functions or test groups for easy management and support.

For efficient management, you can configure and upgrade all print servers simultaneously to maintain the same settings for all printers.

Site Manager You are responsible for the printers in your department of a large IT company and you would like to be able to manage all printers in your department, easily and efficiently.
Solution With AXIS ThinWizard software, you can keep track of the status of all your printers, supervise and keep track of department costs by supplying printing statistics etc.
Office Assistant You are responsible for keeping the printers up and running with paper and toner, you and your busy colleagues must not be slowed down by printing problems.
Solution Keep ahead and get the information from AXIS ThinWizard. By letting the print servers alert you about e.g. no toner or printer offline – there is no need for manual checking. This also allows you to plan how many toners you need to keep in stock.
Helpdesk Personnel You receive a call from a colleague in another office building that a printer is not functioning properly.
Solution Get an overview of the entire printing environment with AXIS ThinWizard and effectively shorten the down time of the printers by using the drill-down troubleshooting functionality to determine the cause of the printing problem.

Using AXIS ThinWizard software you can find the print server in the list, generate a joblog and the config report and restart the print server from your desk – no need to go to the printer. You can also delete a print job that is blocking the printer.