AXIS NetPilot

Discontinued product

This product is no longer supported, this information is for reference only.

AXIS NetPilot software makes management of AXIS Network Print Servers simple and convenient. It runs on Windows platforms that use NetWare and/or NetBIOS/NetBEUI. AXIS NetPilot provides you with following facilities:

  • installation of new network print servers 
  • modify their configuration 
  • upgrade their software
  • monitor the printing taking place through the print servers 

Hardware Requirements

AXIS NetPilot requires a PC with a 386 or higher processor and at least 4MB of RAM.

Software Requirements

AXIS NetPilot can be used with Windows, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98, Windows NT and WinOS/2.

The network support requirements are: 

  • Windows: NetWare client and/or LAN Server/LAN Manager Workstation Service 
  • Windows for Workgroups: NetWare client and/or Microsoft Network (NetBIOS/NetBEUI) 
  • Windows 95: NetWare client and/or Microsoft Network (NetBIOS/NetBEUI) 
  • Windows 98: NetWare client and/or Microsoft Network (NetBIOS/NetBEUI) 
  • Windows NT: NetWare client and/or Microsoft Network (NetBIOS/NetBEUI) 
  • WinOS/2: NetWare client and/or Microsoft Network (NetBIOS/NetBEUI) 

(If NetPilot doesn't display default contexts and a queue volume in the installation wizard when NDS is chosen, the client is probably not configured correctly. E.g. "Name Context" and "Preferred Tree" should have values.
If NetWare installation (e.g. queue creation) fails, it often depends on that the user doesn’t have enough permissions (or that the user wasn’t logged in properly when NetPilot was started).)

DLLs required

During the installation of the AXIS NetPilot the following DLLs will be placed in the AXIS NetPilot directory:


(The old NWCALLS.DLL, NWIPXSPX.DLL, NWLOCALE.DLL, NWNET.DLL, NWPSRV.DLL will be removed from the AXIS NetPilot directory if they exist there.)

The following DLL will be placed in the Windows/System directory (only if it does not exist already):


To run AXIS NetPilot without a NetWare client (i.e. using the NetBIOS/ NetBEUI protocol), the NetWare DLLs should be in the AXIS NetPilot directory. If you have a NetWare client, the NetWare DLLs can be moved to the Windows/System directory to share them with other applications.

Software limitations

  1. Before uninstalling an AXIS Network Print Server which has Remote Printer connections the user should disconnect all Remote Printer connections using AXIS NetPilot. Otherwise, some information will not be removed from the NetWare File Server. 
  2. AXIS NetPilot running in a WinOS/2 or Windows NT environment does not support NetWare Directory Services mode because of improper functionality in the NDS DLLs. 
  3. AXIS NetPilot can not create Print Server objects on a NetWare File Server when running in Windows NT environment. Therefore the user should create the Print Server object using PCONSOLE before AXIS NetPilot is used for creating connections. 
  4. Problems with NetWare Unicode tables. AXIS NetPilot fails to find the NetWare Unicode tables if they are not located in a directory in the local search path. Make sure your local search path includes the NLS subdirectory on SYS:PUBLIC or SYS:LOGIN.
  5. Note that a mapping to the *parent* directory is not enough, the path must include the NLS subdirectory. 
    Changing a Print Server's node address in NetPilot may cause problem for NetPilot finding the Print Server again. This is easily solved by restarting NetPilot.