AXIS Auto-Go Software

Discontinued product

This product is no longer supported, this information is for reference only.

AXIS Auto-Go software, which is comprised of two integrated components, allows for instantaneous integration in a TCP/IP and Windows environment, greatly facilitating IP address setting and printer driver discovery. And network administrators will appreciate the new embedded Web management tool. Enhanced with advanced status and troubleshooting features, this tool ensures easy and reliable administration of the print server and connected devices. 

The new AXIS Auto-Go software allows users to print in a Windows TCP/IP environment with a minimum of effort and offers such features as: 

  • Automatic device discovery, "one-click" installation and sharing of newly installed printers. 
  • Easy setting of IP addresses, whether automatic configuration (with BOOTP or DHCP, for example) is available or not. 
  • Automatic search and installation of printer drivers from the network.