AXIS AddPrinter

AXIS AddPrinter offers an easy network printer installation process. The intuitive installation saves time and effort and provides printer discovery, installation guidance and simple troubleshooting. AXIS AddPrinter also provides easy access to the print server’s web interface for management purposes.


  • Easy step-by-step wizard for network printer discovery and IP address assignment
  • Automatic printer driver discovery (the printer driver comes with your Operating System or printer manufacturer’s CD)
  • AXIS AddPrinter simply adds a standard Windows printer object, no additional software is installed.
  • AXIS AddPrinter is distributed on a CD with Axis print servers
  • Support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 over TCP/IP
  • Available languages are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish


Note: AXIS 1650 is not supported by AXIS AddPrinter, please refer to the user documentation for information on how to install this product.

AXIS AddPrinter:

  • Select network printer - for printer installation
  • Find... - for access to connected and configured network printers
  • Refresh - to rescan the network for connected network printers
  • Set IP - for automatic or manual IP address setting

How to find the serial number (S/N)