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Smart cities

A smart city is all about connecting devices, data and people to improve efficiency – working smarter. Combining industry-leading expertise and experience with scalable, innovative camera and IoT solutions, Axis makes cities more ‘livable’ by improving efficiency for public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

Making cities more livable

According to a study from the UN , half of humanity – 3.5bn people – live in cities today and this number is estimated to rise to 5bn people by 2030, putting great pressure on city authorities to find new ways to develop and manage urban areas, while still maintaining citizens’ life quality and safety. Cities will have to use their monetary and human resources more effectively. In short—they’ll have to work smarter. Read, what is a smart city.

Axis’ experience and industry-leading expertise in combination with our innovative camera and IoT solutions, helps city authorities to work more efficiently and to make cities more livable. In close collaboration with our vast network of partners, we can offer comprehensive, scalable solutions built on open industry standards for cities to evolve with the changing needs within public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring. Read, why Axis for smart cities.

Smart city solutions in real context

City of Hartford / Police Department

Hartford Capital City Command Center fast-tracks investigations and solves crimes using a comprehensive surveillance solution

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Renew Atlanta

Citilog video detection solutions at the core of Atlanta’s mobility

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Toulon Provence Méditerranée

Analysis and image processing provides waterway data for efficient flooding prevention

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Products for smart cities

We always strive to add new dimensions and more intelligence to our solutions, using inventive ways to combine technology and human imagination to enhance both performance and usability.

Built on open industry standards, they are flexible, scalable and easy to integrate, giving customers, partners and experts within relevant areas an easy way to provide new solutions and insights, making cities even smarter over time.

Key features that make our cameras stand out in a city environment

Products in a city environment must be built with outstanding durability, securing functionality and safety. But to us, quality is not just about withstanding extreme weather or harsh conditions.

It’s also about delivering reliable data in traditional surveillance challenges such as difficult lighting, poor weather conditions and with camera vibrations.


With the Zipstream compression technology the customer will save bandwidth, space and money – without sacrificing quality and valuable information.

Axis Zipstream technology preserves all the important forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more.

Unlike most compression technology, Zipstream doesn’t just limit bitrate. Instead, three kinds of intelligent algorithms ensure that relevant forensic information is identified, recorded and sent in full resolution and at full frame rate to preserve faces, tattoos or license plate numbers and more.