Building a smart city ecosystem that keeps citizens safe

    Public safety authorities, law enforcement and emergency services are tasked with protecting residents and visitors. This means implementing technology and processes which not only tackle crime and keep citizens safe, but also enable a fast response to emergency situations. Given public sector budget constraints, innovative and scalable technology solutions have proven vital to improving citizen […]

      UK Government confirms Protect Duty legislation

      Since my previous blog on the Protect Duty consultation, which ran from 26 February to 2 July 2021, the Government has published on 10 January 2022 its Protect Duty public consultation response document. After careful examination of the Government’s assessment, it would now seem certain that the Government intends to take the Protect Duty legislation […]

        How physical security technology can better protect the public realm

        In early 2021 we learned about a new piece of proposed legislation known as the Protect Duty, which looks set to change the way in which publicly accessible locations are secured. Following the consultation, which closed in July 21, the Government is reviewing the feedback. To my mind, this allows the security industry a period […]

          How surveillance cameras add value to digital twin cities

          Virtual worlds have been receiving a lot of attention recently, not least due to the focus on the potential new ‘metaverse’ we’ll all no doubt be encouraged to join. From a smart city perspective, creating models of the processes and journeys occurring across the urban environment can bring many benefits, helping city authorities more quickly […]

            Balancing value and total cost of ownership in city surveillance

            As data becomes more valuable and important to cities in realizing their smart city vision, authorities are investing in technologies that create, collect and analyze data. Video surveillance cameras and connected devices – the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) – are central among them. Every technology used in a city comes at a cost, including […]