Balancing value and total cost of ownership in city surveillance

    As data becomes more valuable and important to cities in realizing their smart city vision, authorities are investing in technologies that create, collect and analyze data. Video surveillance cameras and connected devices – the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) – are central among them. Every technology used in a city comes at a cost, including … Continued

      The potential for MQTT in realizing the smart city vision

      The technology industry loves an acronym, and here’s one might be new to a lot of people: MQTT. And while the acronym itself doesn’t give much away, even the expanded version – Message Queue Telemetry Transport – doesn’t help a great deal more, nor give a sense of its potential. But as a communications protocol … Continued

        “What is a smart city?”

        Despite the global smart city hype, with daily headlines about new smart city projects, cities competing to be the smartest and governments around the world investing billions in smart cities, I frequently hear someone say “But what is a smart city?”. Today, many of us turn to Google to find quick answers, and when googling … Continued

          Delivering dependable technology today, for tomorrow’s smart cities

          Cities are in constant flux, with authorities expected to develop them to provide a high quality of life for their citizens. At the same time, those authorities must be prepared for future trends such as increased urbanization. Cities are using technology and data to analyze, prioritize, make decisions and use resources as efficiently as possible. … Continued

            Supporting smart city objectives with a single surveillance camera

            Collaboration is key to successful smart city development. The ecosystem of different public authorities must cooperate to ensure that processes and responses across the city are optimized and efficient. One of the key challenges that we see for cities on their journey to becoming “smart”, is that authorities and organizations work in “silos” with their … Continued

              Why parking management supports a safe and livable city

              Everyone who has visited or lived in a large town or city understands the struggle when arriving by car. Each day, people spend a lot of time on the road looking for parking slots, which is valuable time lost from work, family, and life. Finding a parking space ahead of an important meeting, or with … Continued