Obtaining valid video evidence: fast forensic search with authentication

    The availability and authenticity of video data is playing an increasingly important role in legal proceedings, providing a clearer and more accurate representation of actual events. However, security teams and law enforcement officers must be equipped with video technology that can accurately provide video evidence that can hold in court. This key requirement has driven […]

      Using people counting technology to improve transport in cities

      One of the benefits of living in a modern city is the access and proximity to resources, work opportunities and entertainment. Efficient transportation plays a key role and in every city, as residents use different modes of transport to get around including walking, cycling, eScooters, cars and buses. Each mode will differ in price, convenience […]

        How video technology can support the evolving urban mobility landscape

        Although there was a brief exodus from cities over the last few years, evidence suggests that residents are returning to urban centers. In fact, it’s been predicted that by 2050 the current urban population will double in size. The convenience of city life has proven to be important, but city authorities need to work hard […]

          Building a smart city ecosystem that keeps citizens safe

          Public safety authorities, law enforcement and emergency services are tasked with protecting residents and visitors. This means implementing technology and processes which not only tackle crime and keep citizens safe, but also enable a fast response to emergency situations. Given public sector budget constraints, innovative and scalable technology solutions have proven vital to improving citizen […]