AXIS Device Manager Extend

Stay aware and in control. Everywhere.

  • Efficiently monitor all devices on all sites remotely
  • Real time awareness through dashboard view of device statuses
  • View warranty and product discontinuation information 
  • Export information to create reports 
  • Proactively plan device replacements

Awareness and control of all devices on all sites

AXIS Device Manager Extend is a software application which provides a user-friendly interface for discovering, monitoring and operating Axis devices, suited for multisite environments. It offers instant awareness of all your Axis device inventory on all your sites, from anywhere.

Easy overview of your inventory

AXIS Device Manager Extend extends and complements the functionality of AXIS Device Manager. While AXIS Device Manager can help with fast and easy configuration of new devices, A​XIS Device Manager Extend simplifies the complex and time-consuming job of staying informed of what's happening on your sites and monitor inventory status. Features like intuitive dashboards and remote site access enables instant overview and insights of all devices across all your sites.

Proactive planning of your surveillance system

AXIS Device Manager Extend delivers real-time data about your entire system. You’ll have access to information such as product warranty and discontinuation information – all from in one central location. This helps support timely decision-making and optimizes device lifecycle management. Furthermore, it’s possible to export all system device information for reporting purposes.

Monitor connectivity with remote access to sites

With the dashboard showing the real time status of your entire system plus remote site monitoring gives you the opportunity to simplify troubleshooting. You get instant knowledge if devices are offline or have unstable connection, which means you can respond in a timely manner and rest assured that your system is working – without unnecessary and costly site visits to check.

Please note

  • This is a first product release under continuous development, so please expect application updates through the life of the product.
  • For full experience and functionality both AXIS Device manager Extend and Site Controller requires internet connection.
  • This product may require specific IP ports and/or modifications to firewalls on premise in order to work as intended. Please see User Manual for details.
  • AXIS Device Manager Extend works as a complement (not a replacement) to AXIS Device Manager.

AXIS Device Manager Extend



Release notes available in the AXIS Device Manager Extend client.


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