AXIS Object Analytics

AI-based object detection and classification

  • Edge-based video analytics

  • Classifies humans and vehicles

  • Runs multiple scenarios simultaneously

  • Flexible and easy configuration

  • Preinstalled at no extra cost

AXIS Object Analytics is an intelligent video analytics that adds value to your camera by detecting and classifying humans and vehicles tailored to your surveillance needs. It’s ideal for various applications including public buildings, warehouses, parking lots, industrial sites, and other unattended areas in non-critical applications.

Added value at no extra cost

Preinstalled on compatible Axis network cameras, AXIS Object Analytics offers smart surveillance at no extra cost. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, it suppresses most sources of costly false alarms such as swaying vegetation, small moving objects, and fast-moving shadows on the ground. This allows you to focus only on objects of interest and real threats. And because this scalable, edge-based analytics application analyzes events directly on the camera, there’s no need for costly additional hardware. You also get improved data processing time and storage and bandwidth is minimized.

Easy, flexible setup

This analytics offers complete flexibility. With a straightforward user interface, you can set up scenarios tailored to your surveillance needs with just a few clicks. Simply select the triggering condition - an object entering an area or crossing a virtual line. And then select which objects trigger alarms – humans, vehicles, or both. The user interface provides real-time visual confirmation which allows you to view that objects are correctly detected and that triggers are working the way you want. Also, various scenarios can run simultaneously, but you can change this at any time. And, if you simply want to detect any motion in a scene, it supports that too.

Cost-efficient operations

AXIS Object Analytics easily integrates with the camera’s event management system and other network solutions. This lets you set up how the system responds to triggered alarms – by activating a loudspeaker or turning on lights, for instance. It can also send live video and email alerts to security staff, so they can focus on real threats. Video is recorded and sent only on alarm to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements and make searching for events easier. AXIS Object Analytics also supports bounding box overlays that make it easy to determine what triggered an alarm. The overlays are permanently burnt into live or recorded video.

Machine learning and deep learning

The detection and classification capabilities of AXIS Object Analytics vary depending on which type of camera it’s running on. On cameras with a machine learning processing unit (MLPU), it can classify humans and vehicles. On cameras with a deep learning processing unit (DLPU), it can classify humans and vehicles as well as different types of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and bikes (motorcycle/bicycle). It also has better detection and classification capabilities for people in unusual positions (hunched, for example) and objects that are only partially visible. This more granular object classification is suitable for busier scenes and more demanding surveillance requirements.


AXIS Object Analytics is supported and preinstalled in firmware on compatible cameras, it cannot be downloaded separately.

To install the analytics application, make sure your camera is updated with the latest firmware. MLPU cameras must have 10.2 (or higher) and DLPU cameras must have 10.3 (or higher). See how to upgrade your camera’s firmware.