Preview/Beta Features or software

Axis offers our customers the opportunity to gain early access to our latest features and software as preview and Beta versions. This allows our customers to provide feedback for further improvements before the feature is officially released. 

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Axis Preview features or software

Axis preview features and software are not finalized, but have been made available for early customer access. This to allow for early testing by customers, and for Axis to get feedback before the official release. 

By evaluating a Preview feature or software, Axis asks our customers to help improving the feature or software, and offers the opportunity to contribute to shaping it before the official release. It’s also a great opportunity to test if it is suitable for your specific use case. 

A Preview from Axis: 

  • May be subject to separate terms and conditions. Please see specific product information for further details. 

  • Is not covered by Axis official support, and users should expect increased response times to tickets.  

  • Have limited or restricted functionality and some key functions may be missing. Please see the specific product’s Preview documentation, user manual and/or release notes for details. 

  • May, or may not fulfill individual customer requirements. 

  • Is usually tagged with "Preview", either in the software and/or in the documentation. 

  • May at any time and without notice be changed or discontinued. Axis may take the decision not to make it generally available. 

Please note that Axis judgment is that more field feedback is required before the completion of the Preview feature or software. 

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Axis Beta features

Axis Beta features or software are features or software with complete functionality, but there’s uncertainty regarding how these features or software has been completed. Customers can gain early access, evaluate performance, and provide feedback for further improvements before the official release of the feature or software. 

By evaluating a Beta feature or software, Axis asks you to contribute to improving the quality of the feature or software and offers our customers the opportunity to test if it is suitable for their specific use case and works in their environment. 

A Beta from Axis: 

  • May be subject to separate terms and conditions. Please see the specific product’s Beta documentation, user manual and/or release notes for details. 

  • Is subject to best-effort support but users should expect increased response times to tickets. 

  • Is usually tagged with "Beta", either in the software and/or in the documentation. 

Please note that Axis judgment is that more field feedback is required before the completion of the Beta feature or software. 

Testing Preview and Beta features or software

To test a Preview or Beta feature or software, please follow the instructions in the documentation provided by Axis.  

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Providing feedback to Axis

For feedback or suggestions, please use one of the following options:

  • Fill in the feedback form of the software (when applicable).
  • Contact Axis Support via the Online Helpdesk.
  • Contact your Axis sales representative.

For technical issues please contact Axis Support via the Online Helpdesk and include logs and other relevant information.