Broadband connection

Portmapping and Axis DynDNS is deprecated due to Cybersecurity and users should use Axis Companion or Axis Camera Station.

Suggested solutions:

Remote video

For private or business remote video, customers should use AXIS Companion or AXIS Camera Station via secure remote access. AXIS Guardian (previously AVHS) or any other partner solution could also be used.

Web attraction

Axis recommends setting up a properly configured web server/media proxy or using the CamStreamer ACAP ( to broadcast live video via YouTube. Axis discourages customers from exposing devices as public webservers. A misconfigured device or not having the up-to-date firmware could make it a vulnerable target.

Access device web interface

To be able to remotely view a device´s web interface, Axis recommends using a VPN solution. There are free VPN softwares on the market and this is considered as a secure way of accessing a device´s web interface.

Important: Axis does not take any responsibility for how these configuration changes may affect your system. If the modification fails or if you get other unexpected results, you may have to restore the factory default settings as described in the User’s Manual.