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Axis solution to remote access

Axis Secure Remote Access is a technology that makes it possible for a smartphone or PC client to access Axis network cameras when the client and the cameras are located on different local networks. Connecting to remote cameras can be a challenge, especially when the cameras are located behind routers or firewalls.  

easy to setup sra

Easy to setup

Axis Secure Remote Access significantly simplifies the installation of remote access to surveillance systems. Once enabled it is automatically configured and removes the need of manual port-forwarding and router configuration. 

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How it works

Using external mediator servers that are hosted or controlled by Axis, a client and a camera can find each other and establish a secure peer-to-peer connection. As a fallback when direct communication cannot be established the communication is relayed through the mediator servers. 

Secure communication

Secure communication is in the core of Axis Secure Remote Access. The technology uses multiple levels of authentication to establish an encrypted communication between a client and the cameras in the surveillance system.



Axis Secure Remote Access is supported by multiple mediator servers. The redundant environment also secures the availability of the system.

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