AXIS Q35 Network Camera Series

Axis IP Camera Q3515-LV EIS, IK10 vandal resistance, IP52 water and dust protection
Advanced domes for solid performance
  • HDTV video quality – from 1080p to 4K
  • Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Axis Zipstream technology
  • IK10+ (50 joules) impact-resistant outdoor models
Axis IP camera viewed from a airplane outdoor hangar

Top-of-the-line image usability

AXIS Q35 Series consists of high-performing, vandal-resistant, indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes that deliver excellent image quality in up to 4K resolution. The cameras’ have Axis Forensic WDR to ensure perfectly balanced video quality in scenes with strong variations in light, while the Lightfinder technology enables outstanding image usability in poor light. AXIS Q35 Series also supports Axis Electronic image stabilization, EIS, which greatly improves video quality and keeps the bitrate down in situations where the camera is subject to vibration. Furthermore, there are cameras with optical zoom that can be used when monitoring a scene.

City street with sunlight from front

Reliable operation and installation

The indoor models have IK10 impact resistance and IP52-rated dust and water protection. The outdoor-ready models have an IK10+ rating and have been tested to ensure that they can withstand a minimum of 50 joules of impact. All models are vibration- and shock-resistant. The cameras have been designed for efficient installation with features such as versatile cable management, remote zoom and focus, leveling assistant and auto rotation. AXIS Q35 Series fixed domes are ideal for high-security applications in areas such as cities, airports, railway stations, and industrial and critical infrastructure facilities.    

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Axis IP Camera Q3515-LV has HDTV 1080p video at up to 120 fps AXIS Q3515-LV Axis IP Camera Q3515-LVE has Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR AXIS Q3515-LVE Axis IP Camera Q3517-LV has Power with redundancy and configurable I/O ports AXIS Q3517-LV  Axis IP Camera Q3517-LVE has Power with redundancy and configurable I/O ports AXIS Q3517-LVE Axis IP Camera Q3517-SLVE has Marine-grade stainless steel casing and Axis Zipstream technology AXIS Q3517-SLVE  Axis IP Camera Q3518-LVE has Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR AXIS Q3518-LVE Axis IP Camera Q3527-LVE is TPM, FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified AXIS Q3527-LVE
Max video resolution 1920x1080/1920x1080 1920x1080/1920x1080 3072x1728 3072x1728 3072x1728 3840x2160 3072x1728
Horizontal field of view 105 - 36/36 - 15 105 - 36/36 - 15 96 - 50 96 - 50 96 - 50 93-48 96-50
Remote zoom
Remote focus
Two-way audio
Alarm inputs/outputs 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Lightfinder Lightfinder/Lightfinder Lightfinder/Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder
Wide dynamic range Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR
Electronic image stabilization
Vandal rating IK10 IK10+ IK10 IK10+ IK10+ IK10+ IK10+


  • Datasheet

    • AXIS Q3515-LV Network Camera 434.65 KB
    • AXIS Q3515-LVE Network Camera 526.63 KB
    • AXIS Q3517-LV Network Camera 432.14 KB
    • AXIS Q3517-LVE Network Camera 524.19 KB
    • AXIS Q3517-SLVE 681.54 KB
    • AXIS Q3518-LVE 525.61 KB
    • AXIS Q3527-LVE 524.15 KB
  • Manuals

    • Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft Visio - list of supported products (version 1.4.14) 70.37 KB
    • AXIS Q35 Series - Repainting Instruction 312.46 KB
    • AXIS Q35-LVE Series - Installation Guide 10.67 MB
    • AXIS Q35-LVE Series - Installation Guide 10.67 MB
    • AXIS Q3515-LV - Installation Guide 7.98 MB
    • AXIS Q3517-LV - Installation Guide 3.79 MB
    • AXIS Q3517-SLVE - Installation Guide 3.99 MB
    • How to assign an IP address and access your device 175.08 KB
  • Product comparison tables

    • Product Comparison Tables - Q1 2022 3.96 MB
    • Product Comparison Tables - Q3 2021 3.74 MB
    • Product Comparison Tables - Q4 2021 3.69 MB
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