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Mobile surveillance

Smart surveillance of moving vehicles

Whether you wish to protect drivers, passengers, goods, or vehicles, you can rely on our proven mobile surveillance solutions. They are developed to withstand tough, mobile conditions and make surveillance easy by offering:

  • Remote monitoring of live video
  • HDTV video recordings
  • Automatic alerts for camera tampering
  • Flexible and cost-efficient installation

See video from AXIS P39-R in challenging, mobile conditions.

Munich metro introduced a mobile surveillance system to further improve passenger safety.

How does it work?

Our mobile surveillance solutions can withstand vibrations, and with HDTV image quality and WDR, fluctuations in light during driving are not a problem. Our cameras comply with all the necessary onboard vehicle standards for your reassurance.

Network video is ideal for wireless transmission over 3G/4G/LTE, mesh net, and WIFI and your onboard system will thereby benefit from easy remote assistance. You can further integrate your system with other capacities such as GPS, accelerometer, and a driver alarm button for instant security alerts.

Onboard systems with our solutions can adapt the video quality to the bandwidth connection available, while simultaneously recording an additional onboard video stream at full frame rate and full video quality. Recording and archiving is possible inside the camera or within onboard vehicle computers and network attached storage devices. High-quality recordings of incidents can be extracted wirelessly from vehicles to minimize costs and shorten investigation times. 

Protecting staff, passengers and assets

Our mobile surveillance solutions are recommended for:

  • Public transport fleets – buses, trains, trams etc.
  • Emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks
  • Trucks, delivery vans and other vehicles used to transport packages and goods
  • Cash in transit (CIT) vehicles
  • Construction vehicles, e.g. dumpers, bulldozers and excavators
  • Taxis and shuttle vans.

View Axis F-Series video. 

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