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AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)

An open application platform for software-based solutions built around Axis devices.
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Image processing and video streaming

Image processing and video streaming technologies, tools and solutions.

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Platform projects

A selection of projects that helps shape Axis products and development.

Computer vision and deep learning

Network enabled cameras are often included in computer vision solutions. Below are some open source projects that we see shape the Computer Vision landscape.

Automation and system integration

Tools used to automate and manage deployment of applications to cameras and edge devices is an area where open source projects provide us with the main functionality we need.

Tools and infrastructure

Almost all software used in Axis CI/CD setup and tool support for product development consists of open source. Below are some example projects used.

Web technology

Open source web technologies are at the core of all of Axis front-end and client facing interfaces. Core projects include: 

Our story


Signed video in Axis cameras is launched. An open source project for video authentication to ensure the integrity of surveillance video. This was a general implementation and a framework to help apply sign information in video streams and verify it.


Axis edge optimized deep learning inference engine for video capture was released as open source, under the name of Larod.


Yocto was introduced as the build system for Axis embedded Linux with an active engagement in upstreaming patches since.

systemd was adopted as the startup system for the camera platform. Axis was one of the first embedded systems companies to join the community and has been an active member since.


Axis was recognized to be among the top 10 contributors to the Linux kernel project.


GStreamer adopted as video stream solution. Axis has been active in the project since the beginning, contributing upstream patches and presenting at conferences.


Axis released a Bluetooth stack for Linux called AXIS OpenBT Stack.


Linux was introduced as the new operating system for Axix camera platform in 1999 with the CRIS architecture later being upstreamed. The same year, Axis is recognized as the first company in world to release a commercial embedded product based on embedded Linux. Axis continues to be actively engaged in the Linux community. 

The Journaling Flash File System (JFFS) for Linux was released by Axis which rendered in a large external interest. This interest rendered in the JFFS2 project by Red Hat where Axis contributed actively.


GCC was adopted as a compiler for Axis CRIS-CPU. Axis has maintained an engagement in the community since its first upstream patch in 1996 later followed by the CRIS-CPU architecture.