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Get started with image processing and video streaming

As the industry leader in network video, Axis is invested in developing image processing and video streaming technologies. We open source some very interesting projects in this area for you to explore.

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Signed Video Framework and examples

The Signed Video framework secures the video from tampering after signing by adding cryptographic signatures to the video. Each video frame is hashed and signatures are generated repeatedly based on these hashes using a private key set by the signer. The signature data added to the video does not affect the video rendering.

  • License: MIT
  • Language: C, Meson, Shell

Media Stream Library JS

Media Stream Library JS is an open-source JavaScript library to handle media stream transforms for Node & the Web. The primary purpose is to deal with RTP streams in a browser without the need to use plugins or Flash, but relying on the Media Source Extensions standard, which is supported in all modern browsers.

Although RTP streams is the main focus, the library is not limited to handling RTP streams, or to the browser. It is suited to handle streams of messages of any kind, and makes it easier to stitch together transformations from one message type to another. Contributions of new components/pipelines are always welcome.

  • License: MIT
  • Language: TypeScript, Python, JavaScript, Shell