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We are invested in being open, and our developer platform is no exception. Open application development platforms such as Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) facilitate the integration of compatible third-party solutions, resulting in a quickly growing variety of applications – general as well as specialized for different industries. The growing number of video analytics applications creates new end-user benefits and opens new business possibilities.

The latest release of the developer platform, ACAP version 4, can be found under the main repos for ACAP Computer Vision SDK and ACAP Native SDK on GitHub.

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ACAP Computer Vision SDK

The ACAP Computer Vision SDK contains well-known open source packages that have been tuned for the Axis platforms and in some cases tailored to provide additional functionality for Axis devices. The main focus for the SDK is computer vision applications, in particular Python computer vision applications.

  • Language: C++, Python, Makefile, Shell, CMake

ACAP Computer Vision SDK examples

ACAP version 4 example applications that provide developers with the tools and knowledge to build their own solutions based on the ACAP Computer Vision SDK.

The open source examples are focused on video analytics applications. Giving AI/ML developers the chance to experience the smooth and smart develop environment that ACAP provide, showing how the powerful capacity of Axis devices provides unlimited possibilities for developers to build new AI/ML applications.

Being one of the most active repositories we have, you can find examples written in C++ and Python performing interesting features that varies from object detection, QR decoder, and image capture, using popular open source ML libraries such as OpenCV.

  • License: Apache-2.0
  • Language: C++, Python, Dockerfile, Makefile, HTML

ACAP Native SDK and examples

The ACAP Native SDK is for building low level ACAP applications in C or C++ and is targeted towards users that want to develop plug-in style, event generating applications that fit well into a video management system (VMS) centric system. This SDK offers high performance by integrating closely with AXIS OS and hardware. Already existing ACAP users should feel at home using this SDK and migrating from previous version ACAP 3 to this SDK should be straightforward.

The abundant examples are showing the potentials of creating high performance video analytic applications based on Axis OS.

  • License: Apache-2.0
  • Language: C, C++, Python, Dockerfile, Makefile, HTML, Shell