From thesis to employment

Seize the opportunity for a thesis project

Seize the opportunity for a thesis project

Jonathan Karlsson
Experienced Engineer

Jonathan Karlson was studying Computer Science at Lund Technical University when he got the opportunity to do a thesis project at Axis. It came up a semester earlier than planned – but Jonathan has never regretted accepting it.

The project involved investigating the possibility of automatically updating cameras and using online tools to keep tracks of known security bugs. And it proved to be just the start of a much bigger project, which now involves several PhD students and the security group at LTH. Axis is just one of a group of companies cooperating with the university with the goal of creating an automated security update service.

After his thesis, Jonathan continued to work at Axis, and is now part of a team that develops new streaming architecture and support for distributed network storage. “I am learning more each day, and thanks to this project I get to see other parts of the company,” he says.

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