Erica Backe seated in front of a colorful, dotted wall.

Erica Backe - Technical Graphic Designer, Sweden

Erica’s journey with Axis started with her thesis project and continues with its practical application. Whilst studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design in Lund, she worked on designing a new camera for use in high-end retail environments. Her thesis resulted in a modular camera design, and the two options she and her team presented were later developed into Axis products. For Erica, seeing her ideas translated into reality proved the value of choosing a dynamic company like Axis for her thesis project.

The experience also exposed her to the Axis culture and career opportunities. When a job came up, she did not hesitate to apply. She now works as a Technical Graphic Designer in Marketing Communications, creating technical illustrations, which are primarily used in installation guides.

Erica recommends being open-minded and exploring all the opportunities when it comes to doing your thesis project. ‘Make your work what you want it to be,’ she says.

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